Behind The Veil Review

Christine hits the nail on the head. Thanks, sister!

„Do you like the music you listen to to belong to a certain genre or do you like variety and music that contains plenty of influences? If your answer to this question is the latter, then you could give OUT OF DAMAGE from Germany a try, since their album No Superheroes in Town contains a vast array of elements and it’s the kind of album you can’t easily and clearly categorize. The foundation of their sound is hard rock and classic heavy metal, but they enrich it with some punk rock and hardcore touches and with even a few thrash tinges dispersed here and there. The songs are up tempo and dynamic, ideal for head banging and for being played loud in clubs. No Superheroes in Town introduces us to a band that has the skills to write interesting music and the potential to stand out. Go for it!“

Original can be found here.

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