Review bei Hard Harder Heavy

Another review – 6 von 7 Punkten. Danke, dass ihr euch Zeit für eine sehr ausführliche Rezension genommen habt. Wir freuen uns immer, wenn es gefällt, was wir machen. Auch über die konstruktive Kritik 🙂

„Eine ordentliche Hommage an den groovenden Metal-Sound der 1990er Jahre zum einen und an die Superhelden unserer Zeit zum anderen stellt das neue Album der Heppenheimer Band Out Of Damage, NO SUPERHEROES IN TOWN mit Namen, dar.“

„Anspieltipps: No Superheroes in Town – nicht nur, weil es ein guter Opener ist, sondern weil es insgesamt ein toller Song ist. Why are you fucking dead? knallt einfach von vorne bis hinten – der wohl beste Song des Albums und auf jeden Fall ein Anspieltipp.“

OOD: Einer der Gründe, warum wir Why are you ... nahezu immer als Zugabe spielen! :-)

„Groove, harte Gitarren, fette Drums und ein insgesamt coole Konzept über Superhelden – das sind die Eckdaten, die einem gefallen sollten, wenn man sich an Out Of Damage’s neues Album ran wagt.“

Lest gerne die komplette Story.


Review at Noctunal Hall – illustrating good music since 2000

Terry from Noctunal Hall reviewed No Superheroes in Town. One more who understood the essence of our work. BTW one of the first ones that heard that many of us love the old-school Anthrax stuff.

OUT OF DAMAGE from Heppenheim (located between Darmstadt and Mannheim) know how to groove. And they know how to connect Old and New School Metal skillfully. It’s not easy to define the whole thing and I don’t really want to try it, categorization doesn’t work sometimes. A band that comes into my mind then and now is Anthrax, their beginnings in the ‘80s as well as the groovy orientation in the ’90s. In the end everyone must find it out itself. If you walk through life open minded, there’s a good chance that you are pleased with No Superheroes In Town, especially considering that it’s the band’s debut (after demo EP Wake Up Call in 2009). I like the carefree way OUT OF DAMAGE show when they throw hardcore und punk elements into the ring, who cares? Check out The Beast In Me and Every Fucking Sunday on their Facebook page. Regarding the sound No Superheroes In Town is organic and mangy, let me say real and stands out from so many other modern trimmed productions. Classically both guitars on left and right, the drums without trigger, you can hear the bass out well – this self production really succeeded.

Limiting it must be said, that the vocal performance has to be improved a bit. While the hardcore shouts are okay, the clean parts are not stable and safe enough. Moreover, at a relatively short playtime not every song convinces (including the Intro, We Run Together and The Dark Knight), sometimes also lack the right ingredients at the right place. For my taste, it could be a harder and more brutal at some places. But enough bitching: No Superheroes In Town goes straight forward, makes fun and is a good starting point for further outrages. :)“

Read the original article here. Also available in German.